Cinnamon, Orange & Clove

The perfect yuletide gift, these festive-scented salts smell like Christmas in a jar!

With spicy clove, sweet orange and frankincense, our Yule bath salts will make you want to spend the festive season in the bath with a plate of mince pies...

Our Chai Latte scrub is the perfect match for these bath salts!

Choose from a 432g jar, 432g compostable refill bag or 80g bath shot.


The Good Stuff


Our unique blends of muscle-soothing Epsom salts, detoxifying Dead Sea salts and pink Himalayan rock salts hydrate your skin and relax your mind!


We use all-natural essential oils, herbs and flowers to make our bath salts smell incredible while they're busy doing great things for your body!


Cruelty-free, vegan & zero waste - we promise that all our products will always be kind to our planet!

How To Use


Aching after a serious yoga sesh? Or just in need of a little me time? From detoxifying and hydrating to reducing stress and anxiety, bath salts pack a powerful punch.

We recommend a full handful of salts for a relaxing bath, or two handfuls if you’ve got some aches to fix.

When you’re nearly ready to slip into your bath, swirl your salts into the water and leave for a moment to dissolve (because no one wants a salty bum).

Now drop those clothes and get ready for the soak of your life!