Salt + Steam is officially 1 year old today and we’re so excited to celebrate with you!

Lily Hartley, Founder of Salt + Steam
We say 'we' a lot - but 'we' actually just means me. I'm Lily, the founder of Salt + Steam. Not just the founder, actually - the photographer, the maker, the marketer, the customer service representative... you get the idea!

Running a business as a one-woman band is no easy feat - but the support from my fiance, my family, my friends and every single customer who buys from my little business makes it feel a lot easier.

The idea for Salt + Steam first came to me while I was walking down a beach in Australia in early pre-pandemic 2020. I’d known for some time that I wanted to run my own business, but I didn’t know what that business would be or how I’d do it.

I thought about where there might be a gap in the market, what I could make and sell that could solve a problem or help a cause. I thought about myself as a consumer - what did I want that I struggled to find, what could I make that I’d want to use? 

And then it hit me. 

I’d been trying really hard for years to avoid animal testing and plastic packaging when it came to beauty and bath products, but has found it tough to find what I wanted. If it was cruelty-free, it was in packaging that I couldn’t recycle. If it was in great packaging with natural ingredients, it was super expensive. I felt like I couldn’t win!

I wanted products that were made from really great, ethically sourced ingredients, in pretty packaging that wasn’t plastic, that weren’t tested on animals and also weren’t really expensive - and it was starting to feel like that combination was impossible to find. So I decided to make my own!

It took a lot of research and a lot of experimenting in my tiny bungalow kitchen, but eventually the final range of Salt + Steam products was born and we were ready to launch!

Since then, we’ve continued to grow and it’s been so exciting seeing how much all our customers love our products! We’re always changing and improving, and we’ve got loads of new things we'll be sharing with you soon!

So what’s next?

Well, we’re in the middle of moving into a brand new workshop (yay, more space!) and that’s allowing us to expand our product range. Our brand new scented candles will be launching for pre-orders next week and we’re working on a gorgeous new range of clay face masks! As ever, all our products will be vegan, cruelty-free and housed in eco-friendly packaging.

We’re also planning on attending our first Christmas fairs this year, so you’ll be able to find us at the Living North Christmas Fair at York Racecourse on the 11th - 14th November, as well as at the Winter in the Wheelhouse Christmas Market on the 21st November.

Your support means the world to us, and we want to say a huge thank you to all our customers for the past fabulous year. Here’s to another one!

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